In a new trend the Baby Boomer generation is entering retirement early and findings indicate they are bucking the very idea of what being a retiree means.Turns out Baby Boomers are no slouches when it comes to taking their retirement time and making the most of it, with Boomers being among the most active and social of recent retiree generations.

This could mean big changes in the housing industry in the years to come, including what new retirement communities will look like.

Today’s boomer retirees are still very active and adventurous as well as highly connected, a survey by Shea Homes shows. They want to travel and enjoy their family and friends and seek to be a vibrant part of the community. Understanding and taking care of the needs of this new generation of retiree’s is integral to offering a complete set of real estate skills to this growing market.

The survey mentioned has also  found that social media isn’t just for the younger set. Boomers say “they prefer collecting friends on social networks just as much as they do recipes – and even rank it slightly higher (37.28%) than collecting pictures of the grandkids (33.64%). This reinforces the impact of having a strong digital presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter for today’s progressive real estate professional.

Among the most important factors to this boomer generation? Location, location, location of course! Being within driving distance to family and friends ranked as the most important factor of maintaining a balanced lifestyle for this active group.

Retirement is now focused on a new chapter of life, full of re-invention, instead of simply an “end phase.” Traveling, new hobbies, and being active rank high on the list of what retirees look forward to. Overall, boomers are interested in healthy relationships and strong mind-body balance. Thankfully Boise offers many of these amenities right at hand as it is centrally located within the state, which means not only being a hub for some of the best medical care in Idaho, but also being near outdoor activities and within easy traveling distance to friends and family. In addition outlying cities like Eagle and Meridian offer a wealth of 55+ communities perfect for the independent retiree.