clutterdeskWith the holidays behind us and the new year ahead it’s very likely you still have some of the trappings of Christmas or the Mayan apocalypse celebration making your home look like a war zone. Not to worry! Your dedicated Boise Realtor is here with some great tips to tame the insanity and get you on track for a clutter free 2013!

Doing just a few small things each day is the best way to get results and keep from being overwhelmed. Here are some great ideas to help you keep the hoard to a minimum:

Make the bed – seems like a small thing but it gets the day started and moving.

One Thing at a Time – don’t get overwhelmed. Make sure you do at least one of the big ticket items on the to-do list each day and you’ll be making progress.

Put the Paper Away – stash that newsprint in the recycle bin before bed, even if it’s unread. One less thing taking up space where it doesn’t belong.

One Minute Rule – choose one task, one tiny task that takes a minute or less and make sure to accomplish it first in order to move on to bigger things quickly.

Don’t Keep Broken Stuff – if it’s broken fix or replace it right away or toss it. Holding on to items to “fix sometime” generally just makes more mess.

Bed Time Tidy Up – do a quick walk through your home to pick up miscellaneous items and put them in their place. It only takes a couple minutes before bed.

Work With an Organizer – hey, it’s not accepting defeat, it’s defeating it! There’s no shame in getting help from a professional who can help you get things in order.

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