treasureSpring time is coming up quick in Idaho, and that means Spring cleaning AND garage sale time!

Most people don’t even think about all the things they have collecting spider webs in their garages that could be making them money – having a dusty old Picasso moldering in the garage does absolutely no good for anyone, but these handy tips on garage sale success are solid gold!

For Those Selling:

Sort stuff weeks – or even months – before the sale. You have to know what you have before you can sell it!

Spend a little, make a lot – go to the dollar store, spend that dollar or four on price stickers, and sign making supplies for the sale.

How do you know what needs to go? Assuming it’s not tax or job related, if you haven’t even seen it in 2 years, or used it in 5 years chances are you won’t miss it – so sell it!

Now, for others, Spring time is a whole other ball game; it’s not about selling, it’s about buying! Garage sales are an awesome way to find unique, rare, or interesting items, usually for a great bargain. Before you hit the sales consider these tips.

For Those Shopping:

Dolla dolla bills ya’ll – bring cash! You can’t guarantee anyone will have a credit card scanner on their phone, or take a check. Cash talks; some times it can save you on the cost.

Negotiate – hey, it’s a garage sale, not Tiffany & Co. ! Don’t be afraid to haggle on price – even if you only shave a dollar off the price it’s a savings!

Ask questions – this can be the easiest way to find out why someone is selling something, if the item has any problems or quirks, or if it even works.  And hey, don’t be afraid to ask to plug something in before you buy it – there’s nothing worse than getting that new gadget home only to find out it’s a total paper weight.

I hope you enjoy these little tips and ideas I’ve been putting together. It is my hope to offer great information for homeowners as well as potential buyers – your relationship with your REALTOR® should not simply end after the paperwork is signed. If you are looking to work with a great Boise real estate professional who is dedicated to serving your needs, I’d love to talk with you!